Tax Summary - Essential Tax Guide for Tax Practitioners

The Tax Summary is the essential tax guide for everyone who needs to navigate the complexities of the Australian taxation system. It’s designed to save headaches rather than create them, by giving you the answers you need quickly and easily in plain English.


  • Written to be immediately understandable, with a minimum of jargon.
  • Filled with easy-to-follow explanations and examples on taxation and superannuation.
  • Provides numerous worked examples, checklists and flowcharts, including tips for avoiding pitfalls.
  • Covers all aspects of Australian tax and superannuation, including income tax, capital gains tax, GST, fringe benefits and State-based taxes.

Whether you are a tax practitioner, business owner, individual or student, the Tax Summary has, for the past 100 years, been a cornerstone in building an understanding of Australia’s tax system.

Included in the 2021-22 edition:

  • Rates, thresholds and offsets to help you plan for 2022.
  • Find out how small businesses and primary producers can benefit from a suite of special tax concessions.
  • A comprehensive checklist of deductions for employees and business taxpayers
  • Overview of superannuation and retirement planning.
  • Manage FBT obligations for employers.
  • Comply with state taxes including payroll tax, stamp duty and land taxes.
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Product Details
Edition: 102nd edition
Publication year: 2021-22


"The Tax Summary is my first go to resource - it's easy to use and provides quick answers to many preparation and client questions. The contents are extensive and the explanations are very easy to understand. This product is a real timesaver!" — Prastish Bajwa, Hydon & Mody, CPA

"The Tax Summary is my favourite tax guide. It's easy to read, the explanations are clear, the examples are useful and I love the tips." — Jo Sampson

"The Tax Summary is highly regarded as a comprehensive and understandable reference source" — Ross Ludwig

"With case studies and illustrated examples the Tax Summary makes complex concepts and difficult technical points every easy to understand." — Sasi Santharajah

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